SDL: Coaching basic design course

As I have followed the module Coaching experience last semester I had the opportunity to become coach for second year bachelor college students who followed track C Social Innovation Design of the basic design course.

Social Innovation Design is one of the three tracks of the Basic Design course of the BC, TU/e. This course is set up to introduce TU/e undergraduate students to the activity of designing. The design project focuses on Designing for Social Innovation, a multidisciplinary branch of design that is aimed at tackling social and societal issues.

I had 3 groups of each 6 students where in each group where 2 industrial design students.

I had to give coaching sessions every week for 7 weeks, and write feedback and give grades. All in all it was quite a responsibility and I liked it.

As an master industrial design student I am quite familiar in how the system works, but I never had to explain a non ID student how and why you have to do certain things. Although every group had 2 ID students there where always a lot of asking faces during the coach meetings. It was nice to read all the different reflections in the end, and there was a lot of difference in them.

Every week the first group would come with certain questions, and I knew that I could expect the same questions from the other groups. The first group I handled on my intuition but all the advice I gave them I also gave the other groups. Most of the time after the 3 coach meetings I have send them a short summary of all the discussed things. I expected that they could work quite good self directed but there was more guidance needed than I expected. After I had given specific tasks that everybody could do they started to understand that everybody had to do something every week.

It was nice how over the time I could trust more on my intuition as coach. But if I would have to do this again I would spend some more time in preparation of each meeting because now I sometimes did not knew all the answers in terms of planning.

Lecturers: Bart Hengeveld, Joep Frens Semester: M21 Competencies: Teamwork and Communications, Design and research processes, Self-directed and continuous learning Duration: 60 hours