Module: Animatic Mashup

This module was about mashup different skills and tools. We used sketching, cardboard modelling, Adobe After effects and blue screening to create an animatic. The aim of this module was not so much about the result but about the exploration of a concept.

What I learned during this module

  • More in Adobe after effects: 3D layers, Camera animation, Blue screening, Motion tracking
  • How you can transform drawing into animation
  • How to use cardboard to make small models
  • How tu use Powerpoint for small animations
  • Video can be a great tool for exploration of a concept
  • An aesthetically pleasing result cost a lot of time, going for a low-fi result can be enough to create an illusion, and communicate the concept
  • I work much slower without the working atmosphere of a module
  • How to apply the things I learned in this module, as you can read about in the post from my project.


First animation

This animation was made with powerpoint 2013. It has quite strong animation capabilities for program intended for presentations. Only if the movie gets bigger you will find limitations in managing the content. But for a quick tryout the limitations of the software help you to get quick and dirty results.


Banana pancakes

The next video we had to make was based on a song. I used adobe after effects with 3D layers, the warp tool, and some fading effects.

Concept camera

The third assignment was to create a “future device” made from cardboard and use blue-screening and motion tracking to create the illusion of a screen on the object.


It was quite unfortunate that you became ill during the second half of the module. It meant that the deadline felt less strict and that you took some time to deliver. More importantly, it meant that you missed moments of feedback during the process. We feel that you are aware of what we intended with the assignment but we see it in words and not in deeds. We advise you to bring what you understand in words also in practice as we are convinced that it will change your understanding. We want you to reflect on your experience and while we are confident that you can do that we really also want to see it. Build on your repertoire of skills and personalize the techniques that were on offer.

ID compass full feedback click here.


Reflection on feedback:

I took the liberty to change the assignment to my own view which resulted in something different than the lecturers intended for. I understand that this is not expected and that I could do better, what the lecturers could not see is how I had different iterations to create the final movie. It simply costed me to much time to show all these iterations, and as I needed to write my FMP proposal as well my time was limited. Although I have not convinced the lecturers that I understood the assignment in deeds I am convinced that the explorations not visible in the movie definitely gave me a lot of new skills.



Lecturers: Joep Frens, Martijn van de Wiel Semester: M21 Competencies: Form and Senses, Ideas and Concepts, Self-directed and Continuous learning Duration: 2 weeks