Assignment: Interaction Between Dynamic Form and Culture

In every culture the social beliefs are different. Because of these differences people make different choices, and have a different order of values that they think is important. The interaction in the lamp should let you experience the chosen values.

In combination with Touch OSC, Arduino, and processing I made it possible to control the motor (or basically any actuator) over distance. With this I wanted to test how people would react in a public space on a light that would move suddenly. Touch OSC gave me the perfect wizzard of OZ control that I wanted.


After the try out for the interaction I was motivated to continue and make everything working. I made all the separate parts working but until the end I had no proof if it would work or not. I had not taken time to take a step back and reflect on the lamp that I made. In the end it was to heavy for the motors and the whole idea didn’t. The only thing that I had was another mock up movie of the interaction which was not that much different than before.


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Lecturers: Philip Ross, Johanna Kint Semester: B32 Competencies: Social Cultural Awareness, Form and Senses Duration: 6 weeks