Assignment: Analyzing and Modeling new product development

“An analysis of the SONY PSP and recommendations for a future model”


This assignment focuses on how companies can increase the chance of success when developing a product or with introducing a new product to the market. The assignment looks into several tools and methods to examine the current market on order to predict the future market within the context of on specific product. For me this product was was the SONY PSP, a handheld gaming device. The goal was to get a better understanding of a company and its business environment.


This assignment started with a lecture wherein was described what kind of analysis had to be made. After this lecture we worked in a group of 5 people on a fictive case. Every week we had the opportunity to receive feedback about the work done and the theory about the following studies which had to made. For this case we looked into several aspects. These where the Company background which holds information about Sony in general how do they make their products what is their focus and more. Another aspect is the current Product, this is information about the product which we had to investigate, the PSP. Also a means end analysis was done, to find out what the values are from people who play games. Ten Innovation success factors where researched to see which factors Sony uses for creating their products. A micro analysis was done to see whats Sonys place is within the closely related company’s. A macro analysis was done to explore economical, social cultural and technological aspects wherein Sony operates. In the end everything was combined in a recommendation for Sony which was presented in a last meeting with the assignor who acted then as a Representative of Sony.

Lecturers: M.E.H.G.Meuffels Semester: B22 Team Members: Glenn Jacobs, Edwin Meijne, Sharon van der Geest Competencies: Design and Business Processes, Teamwork and Communication