About me

Hi there, welcome on my showcase. Here you can read about my believes and aspirations as a designer in my vision, and what my strengths as a designer are in my Identity.


I design products services and interactive systems to create new wonderful experiences that let the user see the world differently. This can be to teach the user something new, or simply stand still by the simple things in live that we have forgotten, such as the sound of rain, or the feeling of wind. With my designs I intend to make the world a bit more pleasurable to experience. I design systems that allow for wonderful experiences in interactive kinetic light installations and information systems. These days, dynamic information is mostly provided by on screen representations of information. I believe we should connect the physical world more with the on screen interaction because it’s inhuman to only use our eyes and brains. By providing solutions that give the user tactile, auditory and visual stimuli I believe we can create educational tools that can teach us math, language and programming in a more natural fashion.

The way we learn things has drastically changed over the last decades, we are shifting from book-based learning towards learning from interactive digital content via the internet. The internet connects us more than ever. How can we provide information towards each other? And how can this new physical approach help us to create new learning environments?

Through my years of education at a Rudolf Steiner School and a competency based education system at Industrial Design in Eindhoven I have come to appreciate the freedom to learn what I want. Together with the creative mindset that I have developed I see opportunities to create products, services and systems for schools to make lessons more human, and pleasurable for students.

I am interested in the way we learn, and how this changes in the digital age. What will schools look like 20 years from now? How can I use technology to provide open access knowledge in future education-systems? How can we shift from a fixed learning curriculum towards a more open and dynamic learning system without losing track of the pupils progress?

I believe the way we learn in this faculty guides us towards future educational systems: the students will create their own goals for their education within an area of interest. The role of the teacher will be to guide the student in reaching their goal. Standardized testing is thereby minimized while students can use their own creativity to show their work, were teachers are allowed to assess them qualitatively more than quantitatively. As computers are very good in assessing quantitatively I see an opportunity in creating technologies that monitor progress through exercises rather than the fixed moments of testing. A variety of digital learning tools can support the teacher or coach to monitor its pupil’s progress. I believe teachers in schools are still afraid of technology and only see technology as a means for linear improvement of existing systems instead of using technology as a means for a radical improvement by a change in how we teach them.

I see myself as an all-round Industrial designer, an opportunity creator who can adapt to every situation. This is not unique to myself but is the uniqueness of my education. Nevertheless, I feel it is important to mention this as it defines the way I work.

My interest lies in creating new interactive landscapes that give a rich and meaningful experience. Interaction can and should be experienced much broader than only through on screen human/computer interaction. Through the development of several exiting prototypes in the past I have become aware of the possibilities new technologies can give us. I want to use these technologies to make radical new products rather than working on linear improvement of existing technologies. I like to work on challenges where the right solution is not something given beforehand.

By keeping an eye on the latest trends and developments in technologies and societies I can make this possible. I believe I can implement and combine technologies in ways and places that we did not think of yet. My creations therefore have a surprising as well as an explorative element in them. My products get the users attention and through interacting with it the user will learn about its behavior and function.

Through explorations and observations in society, I create a vision on where my ideas are based. I aim for radical innovation and creation of new meanings in products rather than building upon something existing. Communicating of new innovation is always a challenging as what you are designing is not always in the expectations of the client. People don’t know what they want, they only know what bothers them. Through visualizations, prototypes, movies and presentation I communicate my vision from where I start my designs.

Carry forward this vision is only possible with constant collaboration with the stakeholders and end-users involved. Through early realization of the experience in a working prototype I communicate my ideas. After the presentation of my ideas the concept can grow through co-creation, reflection and concept mapping. After initiating the first concepts my role as designer is to integrate and combine visions of the different parties involved. Seeing opportunities within the landscape of different parties is one of my strengths.

My passion lies in teaching and new ways of representing information. I constantly search for new ways to develop my skills further through teamwork, coaching and joining events.

I am well capable to learn new things self-directed through my experience of the open education model of industrial design. In the future I want to work in the creative industry to develop new and inspiring projects.