After my study Industrial design I want to find a job in the region of Eindhoven, where I can develop my design skills even further. There are already some companies that I have in mind, the hope is that my skills are good enough to start working there. I would always want to continue my own projects and ideas as a hobby or in my own company. The skills in programming, conceptual thinking, and problem solving are the skills I have become to appreciate the most. I am thinking of doing an traineeship in embedded software engineering or something related. I think my study has educated me in a very broad sense of abilities, but I want to develop my strongest skills even further.

Another ambition that I have is to develop Cubi further.  I would like to this with interested parties as I believe that through development the product could so much better. My role would be to guide the process ambitions and vision of the product. I believe I am capable of seeing the full potential of products and see them function in a bigger picture.

Another project that I want to develop further is the rainy weather project I did in my  second year. The ambition is to create a full scale wall with moving leaves that show when it is about to rain and react on people walking by. Likt this project there are more projects in mind who can use some further development and than hopefully can be sold.